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Do you want to save towards a deposit on your new home, university fees, a child's wedding or perhaps towards your retirement? Have you inherited or saved up a capital sum and want to know how to invest to make it work best for you?

There are a bewildering array of products and funds in the market, such as NISA, unit trusts and investment bonds and sometimes it's hard to know which to choose. Blue Sky Financial can help you select the most appropriate solution that will meet your needs. By constantly reviewing your affairs with you, it will give you the best opportunity to keep you on track to achieve your objectives.

How you approach investing will have an impact on your outcomes. The assessment of your attitude to investment risk, will help to ensure appropriately risked solutions are identified as suitable for you. Blue Sky Financial uses a sophisticated and robust approach to identifying each client’s attitude to investment risk. This then enables us to select the most appropriate mix of asset classes such as equities, bonds, property and cash, which will ensure you are entirely comfortable with the volatility of your portfolio.

For those requiring Wealth Management, Blue Sky Financial have an approach of using the facilities of Discretionary Fund Management where appropriate. This bespoke style of management provides a structure and strategy that is bespoke to you and not an off the shelf solution. This is an area of financial planning that when combined with appropriate tax planning, can have a lasting and beneficial benefit to you and your family. Blue Sky Financial have extensive knowledge and experience in this form of Wealth Management.

Whichever approach you take, once your investment portfolio is established we will regularly review it to ensure it continues to meet your objectives in light of any changes to your personal circumstances.